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get stronger while playing

Feeling good is good for your body

nice to meet you.

To everyone in Kansai including Hirakata
We will deliver exciting and healthy life,
Hirakata Gymnastics Academy.

I will continue to pursue mental and physical health through gymnastics, cherishing the spirit of taking on challenges no matter how old I am.

It would be great if new sports such as rato and G-ball could take root in the Kansai region and grow together with the students into a gymnastics club that is loved in Hirakata.

Representative Nozomi Yoshida



Nozomi Yoshida

Married from Tokyo to Hirakata City
I moved here.
I didn't have any friends, and of course I didn't have any gymnastics friends, so I was practicing lato on my own. I am very happy and thankful for the people who have become friends in Hirakata and the people who support me. We will spread the fun and joy of exercising through lat and G-ball in western Japan!
​Thank you!


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Yoshida  Nozomi 
Yoshida Nozomi

Born in Tokyo  
Graduated from School of Physical Education, University of Tsukuba
18 years of Rat experience, 16 years of G-ball experience

1999: Start Rato
2000: First participation in the All Japan Championship (until 2011)

2003, 2005, 2007, 2009: Won the World Championships as the representative of Japan
(Norway, Germany & Belgium, Austria, Switzerland)
2008: Began performing on stage and at events as a professional performer.
September 2010-November 2011: Rat training in Chicago, USA

2011: US Open National Championships overall winner, direct rotation by event,
Incline roll, jump All winners (triple crown)
2011, 2013, 2016: Involved in strengthening American athletes as an American national coach

2012-present: Rat performer, coach,
Widely active as a coordinator and producer.

Type 1 middle and high school health and physical education teacher license
International Rat Instructor
International Rat Referee
​ Japan Gymnastics Association Certified General Gymnastics Instructor
Certified by the Japan G-Ball Association Group Sports G-Ball Instructor
Charen G Ball Referee

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