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G-ball lesson

Let's play

[G-ball for Kids (elementary school class)]
Held every Monday or Thursday!

Currently being adjusted m(_ _)m

Participation fee is 500 yen for the first two times.
After that, pay 1,500 yen each time. No annual fee. However, if you are a regular visitor, we ask that you purchase a My Ball (Gymnik).

[Basic time schedule]
set 16:15 
Start 16:30 
Finish 17:30 
Dissolution 17:45

【place】Hirakata City Italy Kaga Sports Center Physical Education Room 2
【Entry fee】
Up to 2 times for the first time → 500 yen
Bring your own ball (limited to Gymnic) → 1,500 yen
Ball rental request → 2,000 yen
If you are a regular visitor, we ask that you purchase a G-ball. Please contact us in advance if you would like to purchase. I will also consult about the size ♪
[G-ball for ALL]
This class is open to everyone.
Parent-child participation and two-generation participation are also welcome.
This is a class where even those who touch the G-ball for the first time can participate with peace of mind, and we will work from the basics.
Through exercise using the G-ball, you will become more aware of your own body and deepen communication with others.

Sunday, September 3, 2023
set 15Disbanded at 18Time

The lesson itself is 2 hours
Bring your own ball → 1,500 yen

Ball rental request → 2,000 yen
​* My ball is limited to Gymnic.

Private lessons, group private lessons, TV interviews, etc., if you have any requests,
For applications and inquiriesEmail, Instagram @hirakatagym  DM, please.

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