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What is a Wheel Gymnastics?
What's Wheel Gymnastics?

tilt tilt

Wheel Gymnastics event

Straight Line 

Rotate with the rattle upright.



Rotate with only one side of the rat on the floor.


Leap Vault

​Roll the lart, run up to chase the lart, use the momentum of the lat to get on top, jump out, perform an aerial trick and land on the landing mat.


Wheel Gymnastics overview

Japanese name: ra-to

English name: Wheel Gymnastics  /   German Wheel

Country of Origin: Germany

Uses: sports, circus, fitness equipment

Size: There are standards in 5 cm increments, and you choose the size to use according to your height and event.
Height + 40 ~ 45cm is the appropriate size.

Weight: It depends on the size, but the size that a person of 165 cm can turn around is about 45 kg

Material: Iron core covered with synthetic resin rubber. (does not damage the floor)

Price: 250,000 yen to 300,000 yen per unit
(Privately imported or brokered by an agency, and fluctuates according to the euro)

Wheel Gymnastics as entertainment

Established as one of the circus performances, it has also spread as one of the entertainments seen around the world, and one option after retirement as a GymWheel athlete is the Wheel performer. There are many achievements in Japan, such as musicals, stage performances, and corporate events.
​Large Wheel has a wonderful presence on stage and captivates the audience.

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